Working Papers


WORKING PAPERS (Student authors italicized)

Angotti, Nicole, Erin Ice, Brian Houle, Enid Schatz, and Sanyu A. Mojola - Reporting on Sex in Older Ages in Rural South Africa: Insights from Surveys and Qualitative Life History Interviews

Angotti, Nicole, Brian Houle, Enid Schatz and Sanyu A. Mojola - Classifying and Contextualizing Sexual Practices across the Life Course: Implications in Later Life

Houle, Brian, Shao-Tzu Yu, Sanyu A. Mojola, F.Xavier Gómez-Olivé and Chodziwadziwa W Kabudula - Circular labour migration trajectories and mortality in rural South Africa: Evidence from population-based surveillance, 1992-2018

Houle, Brian, Chodziwadziwa W Kabudula, Sanyu A Mojola, Nicole Angotti, F Xavier Gómez-Olivé, Dickman Gareta, Kobus Herbst, Samuel J Clark, Jane Menken and Vladimir Canudas-Romo - Life span inequality during the unfolding counter-epidemiological transition in rural South Africa, 1994-2018

Schatz, Enid, Brian Houle, Nicole Angotti, F. Xavier Gómez-Olivé and Sanyu A. Mojola - A syndemic approach to understanding the needs of low-income populations aging with HIV in rural South Africa.